Safety course in chennai

Fire and safety courses in Chennai :

Safety Professionals is a leading Health and safety training provider in India, Provides multiple safety courses in chennai. Safety professionals provide career enhancement in safety course. Safety Professionals offers exclusive national and international safety certification courses.

To maintain the integrity safety professionals offers courses, which are conducted by multi industrial experienced and globally certified trainers. For quality education and international standard training, Safety professionals are about the best choice.

Nebosh IGc Course Schedule

SNO Subject Batch Date Exam Date
1 IGC 10-Feb-2020 Mar 20th 2020
2 IGC 19-Feb-2020 Mar 20th 2020
3 IGC 02-Mar-2020 Apr 20th 2020
4 IGC 11-Mar-2020 Apr 20th 2020
5 IGC 23-Mar-2020 Apr 20th 2020
6 IGC 1-Apr-2020 May 20th 2020
7 IGC 13-Apr-2020 May 20th 2020
8 IGC 22-Apr-2020 May 20th 2020
9 IGC 4-May-2020 June 22nd 2020
10 IGC 13-May-2020 June 22nd 2020
11 IGC 25-May-2020 June 22nd 2020

Branches :





IOSh Batch Scedule :

Batch Date Exam Date
19 Feb 21 Feb
26 Feb 28 Feb
4 Mar 6 Mar
11 Mar 13 Mar
18 Mar 20 Mar
25 Mar 27 Mar


Nebosh Course in chennai :

Nebosh course in chennai is the most wanted professional safety certification course. The reason is Nebosh course certificates are recognised, globally.

According to Nebosh Qualification criteria, it allows any interest candidates to appear for the Nebosh Course. Nebosh course is an advanced level of technical course in the field of occupational Health and safety.

So in order to have a basic understanding and knowledge in health & safety, it is usually best idea to start with the basic level of course.

There are many basic levels of fire and safety courses. To acquire enhanced knowledge in Health and safety, Safety Professional after Indian government promoted Advanced, master diploma course which ranges from a period of 6 month, 1year & 3 years.

Fire and safety course in chennai :

Safety courses in chennai,  we enable the learners to get a deep understanding of Health and safety in different industries like construction, oil and gas, production, offshore etc.,

A learner with a Fire & safety course will feel comfort when they attend the Nebosh course in chennai. With the easy and  knowledge provided or received from the fire and safety courses the learner will feel comfortable and can face the nebosh classes with extreme confidence with the basic knowledge provided by fire and safety courses, the learners will have the capability to excel when they work in the field.

In India there are a lot of opportunities for people with fire and safety course certificates. There are opportunities in various sectors. Thanks for globalisation and infrastructure projects.